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We have worked with many suppliers in the past, one of the top notch and professional wholesalers and distributors is no other than – This company started in Brooklyn, NY almost a decade ago and they carry hundreds of thousands of products in almost every category that you could imagine. When I think of AllTimeTrading, I think of Amazon for wholesale, in other words – What can’t you find there?

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The products range from apparel, electronics, accessories, toys, socks, sunglasses, and so much more. After clicking through their website, you’ll notice that the prices are very low as well as the minimum order quantity amounts. You can actually see the prices on their site without creating an account or having to log in! You check out using your credit card as you would any other store. It is just that easy. Since this distributor is in New York, they ship to me (in PA), in 1 business days and I receive it by the end of the week if not sooner.  I have never had an issue with AllTimeTrading for the entirety of our relationship.

We primarily purchased bulk hats and apparel including tee shirts and dresses from them. The quality of the products were great and we were able to mark these items up by a huge percentage and made a lot over the years.

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This wholesaler’s customer service number is available 5 days a week and their agents have been very helpful in terms of giving information, helping you find a product, and checking on your order.

One of the biggest concerns I have when finding suppliers is whether or not they will stay in business. If a company goes out of business, we will lose our source and our income coming from those products. A company like All Time Trading which has been in business for a decade and is still expanding their inventory is a good sign. You want to build long lasting relationships.

Wholesale Summer Dresses On The Rise

Since we’re in May already, most retailers who are wary of what they’re doing and have a system in place where their business is constantly shifting their merchandise to meet the consumer demands for the moment or for the upcoming months. Most businesses will forecast and see they will need 2 months ahead of time.

It is no surprise that summer dresses are on the top of the “want” list as they are one of the hottest selling products throughout the entire summer. What does that mean for retailers? That means you’ll begin to sell them in May, and you should have had your inventory prepared and in your warehouse or storage by April.

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Let’s look a little more at the statistics for the sale of summer dresses. We’re looking at one of our sister company’s data. This company, we’ll just call Wholesale Company, sells apparel online. They sell on their own website and on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Their gross revenue in 2015 was roughly $12 million. 58% of that revenue came between the months of May and August. That means 58% of their revenue comes from 1 season out of the year, 25% of the year. Of the $7 million made throughout the summer, 70% of that was from summer dresses.

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Unlike other products like men’s shorts and tee shirts, dresses get bought on average 5 per order. Men’s shorts are about 1 per order, for someone who actually wants to order shorts.

If you want to get into the summer dresses game right now, is it too late? No. Sales will peak in June, July, and will gradually dwindle in August.

Remember making a few hundred dollars as a teenager during the summer? Well, how much do you want to make this summer. Get summer dresses now!


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One of the most popular sites for people to search for wholesalers and distributors is through WholesaleCentral. They’re a very big directory with a ton of listings leading you to different wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and businesses like yours all around the globe.

During my time with using WholesaleCentral, I noticed that most of the suppliers off of this site were based in North America, which made conducting business a lot easier. Most suppliers were in the same time zone as I was in, or just a few hours behind. Regardless, it was very easy to communicate with them and to get conference calls set up. Towards the beginning of your relationship with your newfound supplier, there will be a lot of back and forth emails, and phone calls. It is important that you can work during the hours that they are working.

In addition to that, logistics is much simpler when you are buying from suppliers in the United States. Shipping tends to be cheaper and you get your shipments fast. You can easily return products or have them replaced.

Many of the listings in Wholesale Central are for companies that are still in business. So you do not need to do a whole lot filtering yourself. As long as you find your niche and category, you will find a ton of suppliers easily. Finding them is easy, but negotiating terms and finalizing a deal with them can often  be a long process. Sometimes you and the supplier never end up working together. Always keep in mind that there are other suppliers out there, and if it doesn’t work out with one, there are others.

Things to keep in mind when communicating with your supplier for the first time: Be courteous and introduce yourself and your company. When I say introduce your company, give them a broad idea of where your business is right now in terms of revenue, which markets you are in, what you are currently selling. They will most likely ask you for your Tax ID right off the bat, so be prepared to provide that information and even have a scanned copy available.

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In addition to a lot of information built around these companies, we will also be writing a lot about the hottest products that we have forecasted. What will be trending for the month, the season, the year, and even for the next year! Did you know that slipper socks are a hat sell all year round? If not, you’ll be really excited to read what we have coming for you in the near future!

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